As you can probably guess, we’re going to need to mix things up a little this month. With COVID-19 still happening around us here in Central Texas, and stay-at-home orders still in effect until at least May 8, in-person activities are out of the question.

This month’s Williamson County happenings won’t focus solely on our county. We’ll bring you some fun, stay-at-home ideas you can implement with your family no matter where you are! Now more than ever, people across the world are connecting digitally, so it’s a great time to explore the world outside Williamson County. Let’s do it!


The British Library’s Harry Potter: A History of Magic


During COVID-19, Google Arts and Culture has teamed up with the British Library to host all things, Harry Potter. From a sit-down with Harry Potter’s main illustrator Jim Kay to exploring a larger-than-life-sized painting of Buckbeak the Hippogriff, putting the exhibit on the big screen for the kids to explore indoors is the perfect way to pass a Saturday afternoon!



MIT Scratch Coding for Free


MIT’s “Scratch” program allows kids all over the world to use the magic of coding to create games and stories that can be shared. Whether it’s creating games, designing or contributing to existing projects already started by another kid across the world, MIT Scratch is a great way to keep kids engaged during this difficult time.


Parks Are Still Open!


Many area parks have re-opened! This is a great opportunity to get outside with your family for fresh air, fun and exercise. Check with your local park to make sure all amenities are open, as splash pads and other recreational activities may be closed for the moment.

Don’t forget to utilize face masks during this difficult time if you’ll be outdoors. A cloth mask can be made simply and easily from a t-shirt if you need to save on expenses. Visit this CDC website for more instructions:

We will get through this time together, one day a time! We’ll be back with some in-person activities as soon as we’re able!