Austin’s North corridor has long been called the “Silicon Valley of the Southwest,” and not without reason. In the 1970s tech giants such as Texas Instruments and IBM launched offices outside Austin’s downtown area – slightly north of the action, especially for that time period. This set the stage for other large companies catching wind of the flexibility, accessibility, and affordability of the area, and opening office complexes north of downtown.

A simple drive through the area of the Domain in North Austin can astound, even without the benefit of knowing the area before the North Austin tech boom. There’s so much to see and do, and it’s clear tech giants are choosing Austin because the pool of talent is deep and the price is right.


Welcome to Silicon Valley Southwest


The result is now a hectic, giant commercial grid in the northwest part of Austin, home to companies such as Facebook, VRBO and Amazon. With the announcement of Apple’s new billion-dollar corporate complex north of the city, there’s no doubt Austin is set to become even more of a well-recognized tech giant than it already is.


Come Join Us at Bar W Ranch, Leander


How does Leander contribute to Austin’s tech-station? As Austin’s Northernmost suburb, we retain both the ability to provide out-of-town, quaint and quiet charm with easy access to major transportation veins in and around the Austin area. This includes some of the million-dollar-plus commercial multiplexes that dot the upper Austin area and contribute to our Silicon Valley reputation.

We’re committed to providing comfortable, higher-end homing options for those looking to call the US’s second Silicon Valley home. And we do it with the kind of world-class charm you can find in a place like Leander. With serene views, luxury living and easy access to communities where you’ll never run out of things to do, we’re proud to offer Bar W Ranch as a residential option in the North Austin area.