Residents of Bar W Ranch, summer is upon us! This means warmer temperatures, numerous days of full sun, and grueling Central Texas heat! During these summer months, your HVAC system works harder to cool your home. Now is the time to make an appointment to get your air conditioner and HVAC system inspected. Heading into summer with awareness of your system’s status enables you as a homeowner to make the best decision for your home and the future.

As homeowners, you want to be prepared to stay cool and comfortable in your home. We’ve found a few tips to keep you and your home cool as temperatures rise. When leaving the house, try setting your thermostat at 75 degrees and eventually work up to 78 degrees while you’re away. When cooling your home, it is better to lower the temperature at night, allowing your AC to work less at night than during the day with the sun and heat beating down on your home.

Another great way to help your HVAC system not to work too hard is using fans to help cool down the main living and sleeping areas. Also, keeping your windows/shades closed to keep the heat at bay and assist the HVAC system to cool your house easier.

As a homeowner, it might be worth looking into a programmable thermostat that allows you to control the temperature while you are at home or away, cutting the cost while keeping your home comfortable. A proper HVAC system is not just increasing and decreasing your home’s temperature, it has an impact on the temperature of your home’s insulation as well.

HVAC specialists are exactly that, they specialize in fixing and troubleshooting your system and identifying opportunities to improve energy efficiency and overall environmental impact for your entire home. Being prepared and thinking ahead is key! The cost of an annual or bi-annual maintenance to your HVAC system is a fraction of the cost compared to having to replace your system entirely.