Leander, TX, the week after the holidays – imagine it.

You’ve got a house full of post-holiday pain points: pine needles ground into the carpet, sinks, and toilets that sorely need a once-over now that the guests are gone, various stains on fabrics and furniture and no time to deep clean. We get it!

Here are some easy strategies for picking up around the house now that the holidays are over, and restoring your coop to back-to-normal status:


Holiday Clean-Up Leander: Utilize the Lint Roller


If you don’t have several of these in your house, maybe it’s time to invest! One of our biggest headaches comes in the form of pine needles hiding in corners and crevices around the home. For those areas the vacuum can’t reach, lint rollers are a godsend. Simply add the sticky to the corner of whatever room your tree sat in, and pick up those pesky needles.


Grind Those Forgotten Areas


It’s easy to forget about the stove hood. Especially after the holidays, it’s important to give this part of your stove a once-over, especially since it filters the air from your oven and will have trouble helping to clear excessive smoke when clogged. Simply remove it, rinse in a light solution of soap and water, wash as you would any normal dish, and restore. There’s no need to clear your stove hood filter with harsh chemicals.


Dust Before You Pack Away


Holidays here in Leander, TX are all about family time, but we also like to keep things clean. Before packing up a garland, wreath or any other decorations, it’s always smart to give things a good once-over before next year. Since it’s so difficult to dust off wreaths, garlands and artificial trees, use a blowdryer on the COOL setting to get rid of any dust around these areas.


We love talking cleaning and home maintenance, so stay tuned for some more seasonal cleaning tips from Bar W Ranch! We hope you had a happy holiday, and we’re looking forward to a prosperous 2020 with you.