Here at Bar W Leander, one of our favorite spots for Williamson County recreation is hands-down the Brushy Creek Regional Trail. With its meandering network of almost 7 miles of trail connecting natural landscapes, splash pads, picnic areas, sports parks and pools, the regional trail system is the perfect weekend spot for families or an ideal spot for solo hiking and biking.


Bar W Leader Adventures: Checking Out Champion Park


Did you know Champion Park has a small, quiet cemetery tucked away beneath its massive trees? The cemetery is a Cedar Park historical marker and is the final resting place of Cedar Park pioneer Jack Champion, his wife Naomi Jane and other assorted family members. Champion bought 200 acres and, after serving in the Civil War, settled the land with his wife and family.

More picturesque and quaint than spooky, the cemetery site is a nice stop-off for history buffs along the trail.


Brushy Creek Lake Park


This man-made park is fashioned around Brushy Creek’s dam and features fishing docks, splash pads, kayak rentals, BBQ grills, tee greens and pretty much anything else you could want for a day of family fun. The bluebonnets provide a can’t-be-missed sight during wildflower season, when you’ll see families unloading to snap photographs throughout wild fields.


The “Hairy Man”


The Texas legend of the “Hairy Man” started during settlement times when colonial travelers claimed a Sasquatch-like figure hung from the trees and fussed with the tops of carriage wagons as they passed through what would become Cedar Park. Most of the Brushy Creek Regional Trail is situated along Hairy Man Road. While its namesake may have dried up a bit in storytelling potency, the road itself is heavily-trafficked both residentially and for access to the Brushy Creek Regional Park and trails.


Creekside Park and Pool


If you’re wandering outside Bar W Leander and looking for a few more recreational amenities, stop by Creekside Park along the trail for a full-sized, family-friendly pool and playground, tennis courts, a basketball court, and a bathhouse.

While you’re on your way to Leander from Austin, stop off at the Brushy Creek Regional Trails, visit its connected parks and tell us all about your visit! We’ll see you at Bar W.