Those of us with kids know it’s been a difficult time to keep things fresh and managed at home. Without our normal routine, it’s easy enough to let technology bridge the gap.

If you’re at home alone with the kids these days, whether you’re working from home or furloughed, there are a few ways to help keep things under control while you’re stuck at home.

Here are the top tips to keep kids entertained and even busy during the COVID-19 crisis:


Find a Suitable Substitute for School


Can’t learn at school? Multiple online resources are available for kids to learn a little something. American Sign Language is something that can be learned online for free from different sources. has a great app you can check out that will help kids with the basics, from numbers to the alphabet.

National Geographic and other online learning sites are offering opportunities for kids to do at-home, easy clean-up science experiments that are fun for the whole family. Check out for more info!


Create Structure Throughout the Day


Easing back into summer life can be made simpler with a transitional schedule that will fit kids’ needs before the COVID-19 crisis is even over. A daily schedule such as this handy one from Jessica McHale ( can help structure the day so kids know what to expect and give you some alone time when you need it throughout the day.


Take a Visit to Disneyland!


It doesn’t have to be all work and learning. Explore this list of experiential Disney Park ride videos and set them up on the big screen for the kids. You and the family can have a Disney Park adventure from the comfort of your living room without the expense! Check out for more info.

We’re all hoping this will be over soon, and as we navigate this storm together, your neighbors at Bar W Ranch here in Williamson County are with you! We’ll keep gathering all the fun, educational resources we can find online and post them here as we’re all staying indoors. Make sure you stay tuned!