Just last year, Apple let our community know that $1 billion in investment dollars were earmarked for the creation of a new corporate building in Northwest Austin. The new grounds will measure out at an excess of 3 million square feet. 5000 Apple employees are expected to be moved to the campus, with 10,000 more potential employees added over the next few years.

As you can imagine, this news was huge for the area. Apple will apply for permits with the city of Austin, and the first set of buildings should go live/be ready for operation by 2021.

Though this seems like good news, some residents in the area are concerned about rising rents and increased home prices, with Liberty Hill and Leander residents seeing an increased number of Apple employees joining Apple teams.


Finding the Balance


Whether you’re for or against new companies moving into the area to provide jobs and new residential developments, there can be no doubt there’s already a change in the feel of Williamson County over the last 10 years. Bar W Ranch is committed to providing the best residential living possible for those both new to and familiar with the area – so of course, we’re excited at the possibility of new jobs coming into the area to help our community thrive.


Ranch Style Living in Leander, TX


With new developments also happening on Parmer and Ronald Reagan Boulevard, as well as other assorted growth around the Leander area, we expect 2020 will bring more prosperity to our neighborhood than ever before. That’s why we’re so focused on bringing you the very best – the best amenities, the best residences possible and the highest-end experience you can have living in LEander, with values and goals that reflect the simplicity and elegance of our Leander, Texas history.

And it’s all right here – it’s home.

We’re excited about the future in our community, and can’t wait to welcome you!